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The 1891 industrial building is known to Christian Scientists for a chapel on the ground level and to modernism buffs for a 1967 redesign by Victor Christ-Janer and Associates, which replaced the Romanesque revival facade with austere, nearly windowless red brick.
Neeraj and Barbara Bewtra had already worked with James Bartholomew Architect to build a weekend house, and the firm returned to make small adjustments to the 4,600-square-foot apartment's four-bedroom, five-bath layout. Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors provided furnishings "on the modern side but not ultramodern," Barbara says. The results are both sophisticated and subtle.
The vibe in the rest of the apartment is relatively subdued, the palette mostly soft blues and grays and earthy browns with pale green accents. Wasserman focused on the interplay between pattern and texture, industrial and organic. "I like a feel that's a little imperfect," she says.

Interior Design - Extended Play

Eric Laignel