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"Bad lighting is a social repellent", warns designer Helen Gifford, "people just scurry away from it." But when it comes to her own custom lighting brand, HelenBilt, Gifford's storied clientele need not worry. Launching her line upon graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2000, Gifford has quickly grained a following of Hollywood starlets and famed architects alike. Brining together factory function and the outré geometry of nature, the designer creates lighting installations in a style she describes as "industrial beach." Gifford woks to "harmonize aesthetic with lifestyle," making fixtures both beautiful and functional. Based in the Hamptons, the company is best known for its Urchin collection, which now includes an eco-friendly version. But she hasn't stopped there; she recently launched a collection of hand-painted wallpapers. "I realized I needed to offer wallcoverings that furthered the effect of the lighting fixtures," Gifford explains. It comes as no surprise, then, that the wallpaper is made of metallic Mylar, a texture known for its luminous sheen.

Photo by Lindsay Morris