Idea House 2006
Ms. Gifford joined forces with award-winning designer Betty Wasserman, reprising their well-published collaborations for the 6,200-square-foot home reminiscent of the Arts-and-Crafts styles of the 1880's. For the Idea House, three modern Urchins were showcased in a single centerpiece dropping from the ceiling like a jewel, while two additional free-standing fixtures sat on a pedestal of Wenge, a naturally lustrous dark wood from Africa.

In deciding how to light it all, Wasserman says, "The fixtures, too, are like art pieces; I view them as sculpture." Ms. Gifford explains, "I continue to admire Betty's vision. She executes a minimalist, yet warm methodology with spaces, and she is indefatigable in her support of artists' creations within those spaces."

Eric Striffler